A temple is a building that is constructed for religious and spiritual activities like prayers and sacrifice.

In the present scenario, we do not usefully find time to analyze the various reasons which lead us to failure in health, wealth or relationships. There are a number of ways to bring positivity in life but the best in all is placing a mandir at home. A Mandir at home brings positivity and develop a nice aroma at home. There are a number of benefits of having a Mandir at home, some of them are given below:

Benefits of having a Mandir for home:

  1. Mandir for home is an integral part of any Hindu family to perform ritual activities.
  2. In today’s hectic life, going out and performing ritual activities is very difficult, therefore having a mandir for home saves time and rituals can be performed effectively.
  3. Mandir makes a serene environment at home.
  4. Mandir for home helps to connect the family together so that all can pray together and maintain good relations with each other.
  5. It protects the home from all the bad and negative energies.

Things to avoid doing while placing wooden temples-

  • The wooden temples should not be adjoined to the toilet or washroom not even above or below it
  • A wooden temple should not be placed in the bedroom, however, if there is a problem of space then you can place the temple at some height or cover it.
  • Avoid placing any ancestral picture inside the wooden temple.
  • Avoid placing cracked or damaged idols inside the wooden temple as they might damage the wooden mandir.

Wooden temples rightly chosen and kept carefully can last for years. So making the right decision for choosing the wooden temple is very important.

The temple can be made of marble or wood. The temple from marbles is considered very holy in Shastras. Mandapam made carved out of wood have some speciality because wooden mandapams represent the elegance of the Hindu religion. Therefore, Wooden Temples are always given utmost preference as they help in making the aura of the home auspicious.

Benefits of having a wooden temple for home

There are a number of benefits of having wooden temples at home. Some of them are given below:

  1. The wooden temples endure such aura that it spreads positivity in the entire home.
  2. Wooden temples represent the elegance of the Hindu religion.
  3. Carved mandalas made out of wood have a special significance in Hindu culture.
  4. The temples are considered ideal when made out of wood.
  5. According to Vastu shastra, a wooden temple is propitious and considered to be more religious

Different types of woods for making Wooden Temples-

  • Teak Wooden Temples

For large temples, the most widely used wood type is teak wood. Teak wood also referred to as Sagan or Sagwan has a natural resistance to termites and is long-lasting. The natural strength makes it an apt hardwood for carving purpose. Teak Wood has a natural dark finish which looks beautiful after carving and finishing is applied over the surface.

  • Sheesham Wooden Temple

If you need something as durable as Teak but does not have many detailed carvings in mind, you should certainly consider Sheesham Wood. Sheesham Wood is cheaper than Teak Wood and possesses a natural grainy structure which greatly improves the carving done on the wood.

  • Mango wooden temple

Looking for a small temple with minimum designs and carvings and need the temple to be lighter, then you should go with Mango Wood Temples

Mango Wood is lighter than other hardwoods and can be used where no or minimal design is required.

How to design wooden temples at home.

There are a number of ways to design a wooden temple but various points are needed to be kept in mind while  designing one like:

  • When it comes to design a wooden temple, Sheesham wood ( Rosewood) apart from other wood types is considered auspicious for a home temple. However, the temple can be made in any wood type, three wood types are commonly referred to for temple making: Sheesham wood, Teakwood, and Mango wood.
  • Also, the temple should not be placed directly on the floor. It should be at some foundation or support above the ground.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, placing a mandir at the northeastern or eastern corner of the home is considered to be perfect.
  • Wooden temples come in a variety of designs and can also be made exactly as per our requirements.
  • Some have doors in front, some are open, some have shelves inside for small idols or picture frames while some only have a centre for a single deity. Some just have four pillars and a dome at the top.
  • The wooden temple can be of a small wall hanging or large floor standings for halls and gardens depends on the need of the individual

Wooden Temples online in India-

Each home or office has its own requirements and today in the market, for each requirement there is a temple that you can customize. Wooden temples are the most sought-after because of their beautiful cravings and customization potentials.

In today’s era, anything can be customized whether you want something stylish and grand or you want something sober and plain, you can get it from any corner of India online.

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