The immigration revolution in Canada

Canada welcomes skilled immigrants from India to participate in the Canadian Immigration process as skilled immigration is seen as a great contributor to the growth of Canadian economy. IRCC introduced an online revolution called the Express Entry system to manage the economic immigrations in 2015.

What is CRS?

Express Entry System has gained popularity because of its transparency. The eligibility under various economic immigration programs under the Express Entry System as well as the final selection for an Invitation to Apply for PR Visa depends on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which is a Canada Point System for managing immigration into the coun0074ry.

What is the minimum CRS score needed for immigration to Canada in 2019?

You need to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100. (Calculate 67 Points For Canada Immigration 2019 )

How can I calculate my CRS points for Canada Immigration in 2019?

As your CRS points are crucial to your success in getting a Canada PR Visa, it is imperative for you to check your CRS score to know if your score is high enough or that you should consult your immigration advisers to advise you on bettering your CRS points for Canada immigration in 2019. To help you know your Comprehensive Ranking System score, you may use our CRS Points Calculator to check if you are eligible to apply for Canada PR Visa.

How are points awarded on the CRS Canada point system for PR Visa?

Following are the parameters on which CRS points are assigned:

  1. Human Capital Factors like your age, educational qualifications, language ability in French and/or English and work experience.
  2. If your spouse/ common law partner is accompanying you to Canada, their educational qualifications, work experience factors.
  3. Skill Transferability: This looks at how easily transferable are your skills and work experience. The factors include
  • CLB 7 or above score on IELTS and post-secondary education.
  • Work experience in Canada along with post-secondary education in Canada.
  • CLB 7 or above score on IELTS and qualifying work experience outside Canada.
  • Valid work experience in Canada and outside Canada.
  1. Additional CRS Points: You can gain bonus 600 points based on your score on the following:
  • A sister or brother living in Canada as a Permanent Resident
  • Proficiency in French language
  • Valid education in Canada at post-secondary levels
  • A provincial nomination or an employment offer from an employer in Canada
  • Provincial nomination for PR Visa application

Use the following CRS Points Calculator to determine your CRS score before you start the Canada PR Visa Application Process:

If you are not scoring enough points on the Express Entry CRS Calculator 2019, do not lose hope! Our Canada Team can suggest improvements in your CRS score.

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