Indoor plants not only make our homes feel fresh and eco-friendly, but they also improve indoor air quality. Indoor plants also enhance the beauty of our homes and boost the aesthetics as well. Though the most common types of indoor plants are the terrestrial plants that are grown in soil, there are many other types of plants depending on their habitats. Aquatic plants or water plants grow in water and don’t require soil for thriving. So, if you are a plant lover, then water plants might just be another lovely choice that you have.

In this discussion, we are going to share the ten must-have indoor water plants that you can have in your homes. You can order all these plants online from websites like Ferns N Petals that offer a huge variety of different plants. This way, you can also make use of the money-saving offers such as Ferns and Petals coupon code.

Now, let us move on.

10 Types of Indoor Water Plants

1. Calla Lily

These flowers are lilies just in name as they don’t belong to the lily family. However, they are very beautiful and come in different colors. Calla Lilies have lovely foliage and can be raised easily. However, you must know a few things before growing them in your homes. White lilies are semi-aquatic and can be fully submerged in water. However, the colored calla lilies need regular drainage and thrive well when they just touch the top water layer.

2. Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew is perhaps one of the most easy-to-grow and easy-to-rear indoor water plants. Though you can order them online as well if you have some friend or family member that has Wandering Jew, then you can take a shoot from that as well. You can start rearing them in a small container or bottle as well. Take care to dip only the plant stem in water. You should avoid dipping the leaves in water to make sure that the plant grows properly. They require a few weeks to grow properly and need plenty of sunlight. So, put them in some sunny spot and be patient until the plant sprouts. If you are not clear about the container that can be used to grow this plant, then order it online. It will come along with a container. Don’t forget to make use of Ferns and Petals coupon code to enjoy savings on every order.

3. Parrot’s Feather

Parrot’s Feather is yet another beautiful plant that you can grow in your homes. It has a delicate feather-like look and can rise to a height of around one foot above the water level. Parrot’s Feather has attractive foliage that imparts them a feather-like appearance. These plants grow at a super-fast rate and are mildly invasive. So, if you are planning to grow them in a pond with other plants, then you have to exercise precautions so that they don’t overwhelm the other plants.

4. Paperwhite

Paperwhite plant has lovely foliage and pretty white flowers that need nothing other than water to grow. The flowers are fragrant and cute. They grow in white clusters. You must grow them in long vases or bottles so as to avoid water from reaching the bulbs. If the water levels are any higher, the plant will start rotting.

5. Azolla or Mosquito Fern

Azolla is also called mosquito fern and looks like duckweed. One of the unique features of this water plant is that its leaves are water repellent. The plant can grow at a rapid pace and can cover the entire pond surfaces within a few days. They can effectively repel the mosquitoes by keeping them from laying their eggs. Mosquito eggs can’t be laid as the leaves are matting the water surface. Though you can grow them in small water containers as well, you should grow them in your ponds or aquariums only if they have fish. Fishes eat the plant and keep the growth in check.

6. Basil

This is a useful indoor water plant that can thrive only in water as well. But they require warm temperatures to thrive, so you can also keep them in your kitchen. All you have to do is put a few stalks of Basil in water and make sure that the water level is high enough to reach just above the root. The plant grows on its own, and you can also use it any time and any way to want.

7. Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth is another lovely plant that you can grow in your homes. They just take some time in the establishment phase. Once they are properly established, they can grow rapidly. They are infamous for being water chokers in many countries like New Zealand, Europe, and the USA. Not only the plant is easy to grow, but every plant can bear around 20 flowers. So, even a few stalks can be a good starter for your indoor water garden. Don’t forget to trim them after a few days.

8. Lotus

Lotuses come in various colors and are simply stunning to look at. Their leaves are also very beautiful, and they can thrive well on their own. If you have a small indoor water garden, then they are the best centerpieces. You can also plan the arrangement in symmetry like white lotus surrounded by pink lotus plants.

9. Aluminum Plant

This is one of the most famous indoor water plants that you can have in your homes. Aluminum plants have a distinct metallic silver pattern on its large leaves. The leaves are deep green and look beautiful with the pattern. You can also grow them in hanging baskets.

10. Mosaic Flower

We kept the most beautiful plant for the last. The mosaic flower has highly symmetrical foliage spreading around in big circles with small red-green leaves. This is one of the best options for indoor water plants. They are also perfect for fish ponds and aquariums.

So, which one of these plants are you going to have in your home?