If you or a friend are planning to travel to Europe this summer, you’re probably grateful if you have tips to make your trips smoother and safer. Europe is one of the liveliest places for tourists during the summer months. Hopefully you will find these tips helpful!

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Let me know if you agree, disagree or want to add something to the following list. And do not hesitate to share this with friends, family or colleagues who are planning to travel to Europe this summer!

Make sure you have a valid passport:

If you are planning to travel tips out of the country this summer, now is the time to find your passport and make sure it is valid. Keep in mind that in many countries the passport will have to be valid for at least six months after you arrive, before you can enter the country. It does not matter if you are only traveling one day. If you do not have a period of validity of at least six months, you may be denied entry.

Pack Light + What not to pack:

One of my top three travel tips is the packing of light. When my then girlfriend, now a spouse, showed up for our first trip together, which was just a weekend break had to slow down and show her the light.

I used to pack in the same way, but I learned how to be light-weighted, do not arrive early at the airport, do not have to stand in long queues to check luggage or stand around What an eternity for your bags seems to come out at baggage claim. And you do not have to worry about the airline losing your luggage, and you can easily switch to an earlier or not-delayed flight and use public transport.

Pack an extra bag:

If you think you can shop a bit on your travels, pack a thin, lightweight travel bag in your carry-on or checked-in suitcase. That way you can take an extra bag with you on the way back if you have too much stuff. If you buy expensive items, put your dirty things in the checked bag and carry the more valuable items on the plane.

Combat Jet Lag + Sleeping on the plane:

The best way to combat jet lag is to access the local schedule as soon as possible. I usually do it the day before departure by going to bed early. The moment I get on the plane, I set my clock to local time. I then try to sleep and eat at the times when they would do so at my destination. If you take a night flight and do not rest much, you will not fall asleep when you arrive.

Call your credit card company:

Before leaving, tell your bank and credit card company that you are leaving the country. Let them know where you are going and when you are away, because after all the credit card hacking, your card will be blocked immediately, which can seriously affect your travel. So call in time to avoid this trouble. Note: Using the company website does not always work. My wife created a travel report online with her CIBC account and she still has her card blocked. When she called the representative, she was told that calling is better than registering online.

Always pay in local currency:

One of the biggest scams I find in big stores overseas is after they’ve stolen my credit card and registered as a US. They try to sound like they’re helping me to save money by saying, “Oh, do you want to pay? in dollars or euros / pounds. Paying in US dollars seems to be the more convenient option, but in reality this is not the case. In fact, it’s a total rip-off as the businesses that do this charge a higher conversion fee than your bank at home. So always remember to pay in the local currency of the country where you are.

Download apps like Google Maps and Google Translate:

These days, you rarely have to worry about being unable to communicate abroad. People always think I speak several languages ​​because I travel so often and it’s not hard to do that.


Before packing, find out which clothing is acceptable in a country where you are staying. Some cultures dress more conservatively than others and you want to show your respect for their unique culture by dressing appropriately. You also want to make sure you have the right clothing for the weather conditions you are going to be in.