Irrespective of the amount of important data you are sharing on your website, if users are unable to understand it, nothing will make sense. Eventually, your website will sink down in the SERPs that can never help with brand recognition. But through the help of colorful graphs, infographics, charts, and pictograms, you can give shape to fantastic data visualization that will appeal to visitors and customers. You can get hands-on dynamic tables & charts with the help of Visualizer tables and charts. If you want professional assistance, you can always get it from a WordPress plugin development company. Making money from websites becomes easier with the help of the experienced teams.

Which are the must-have Visualizer Tables And Charts Plugin For WP?

Visualizer Tables And Charts Plugin For WordPress

  • Formidable Forms – In the course of your WordPress plugin development, using tools like Formidable forms becomes mandatory. Why? These advanced tools enable you to craft complex forms with which you can showcase a massive array of data. The ways to display can be numerous like data-driven applications, directories, calculators, user listing tables, etc.

As you get started with your website, you can ask the appointed WordPress development company to use this plugin. With this, you can generate a multitude of forms that incorporate horizontal bar graphs, area graphs, column graphs, scatter graphs, geographic heat maps, pie charts, histograms, etc.

A chart displaying anywhere on the website is possible with the utilization of a shortcode. By this, you can easily position the charts on the website’s posts or pages.

You must employ the plugin for gathering data prior to graph creation. The plugin enables you to convert any kind of form data into any kind of graph. You just need to set a suitable kind in the shortcode.

  • wpDataTables – One of the best WordPress chart plugins of today’s time, don’t let the complex term confuse you. With this plugin, it is absolutely a breeze to create graphs & charts & add data. These look attractive on Smartphone devices as well as on websites. You have the option of simply typing in the data or else you can upload files as well. As a matter of fact, you can even get hands-on tables that your users will possess the liberty to edit. They can then view the charts in real-time & grasp information in a more comprehensible manner.

When it comes to your data, with this WordPress flowchart plugin, you can also create filters. By this, you can display the results that are from specific locations and dates.

In the case at first, you are hesitant to invest in the premium version, you can opt for the lite version as well but it will come with its own set of limitations.

  • Canva Infographics Maker Pro – Want to create the best WordPress visual editor tables for your website and contents? You can with ease with tools like Canva that comes with a fantastic drop and dag interface. But it is important to realize that it is not a WP plugin but it is possible to create eye-catching visual contents with this. The design tool comes with pre-made templates for beautifying social media graphics for every platform, banner, PowerPoint presentation, poster, etc.

Non-designers can benefit a lot from such tools as it is very easy to craft amazing blog visuals with this.

  • Easy Charts – If you are just starting with your website, you would probably search for the best chart plugin for WordPress for making it visually appealing. However, the expenses following it might worry you. We offer you the option of using free plugins like Easy Charts with which you can create bar charts, plus line charts, polar area charts, area charts, etc. Once you input the data, employing the plugin is easy for crafting any kind of chart. However, as it is a free plugin, you might not be able to generate responsive data tables that the users can easily edit.
  • Visualizer – If you want a WordPress organization chart plugin, Visualizer is the plugin for you as with these you can create convertible data visualization for your website. The free version of the plugin is equipped with 9 kinds of charts. These include area charts, column charts, geo charts, bubble charts, scatter charts, line charts, pie charts, etc. The pro version of the plugin is equipped with 6 chart varieties & email support as well. In fact, you can fabricate interactive tables for your website like the pricing table using this plugin.
  • Snowball – Snowball is much more than just a good WordPress graph plugin. It is also a block page/post creation plugin that is completely designed for people like journalists so that they can craft immersive articles. Snowball is also a very noteworthy flow chart plugin WordPress. Due to this, you can get hands-on fantastic scatterplots, maps & data tables, bar charts, etc. To modify the appearance of your content blocks, you can employ a graphical interface as well.

Snowball comes for free. Most of the time, the plugin will function well with your present theme. However, the makers of Snowball also have advised enabling the built-in single column theme of the plugin, especially for the Snowball articles. If associated with a WordPress plugin development company, you can ask the WP chart plugin developers to utilize this plugin as well.

  • Data Tables Generator – A highly noteworthy organization chart WordPress plugin, this is from Supsystic that is a WordPress plugin creator. It is very much hassle-free to craft responsive tables with this plugin. However, you must purchase the pro version for gaining the ability to create graphs & charts. These are offered via Chart technology of Google. As a matter of fact, you can get hands-on all kinds of standard charts that you normally expect to create. These include donut charts, pie charts, and bar charts.

Moreover, you will find options where you can utilize data that you already possess in spreadsheets somewhere else. This best WordPress org chart plugin supports importing from PDF, Google Sheets, CSV, and Excel.

One of the most noteworthy features of this plugin is that it integrates fantastically with WooCommerce. In fact, you can use the plugin for generating product tables and the users will be easily able to search these. Users can also sort & filter the tables.

Final Say

With the top 7 Visualizer tables and charts listed in the content, now you understand how important data visualization is in today’s time. Eye-catching & attractive visual content will always bring in more customers. Appoint the best WordPress plugin development company in town for getting started with availing top quality data visualization services. As you hire WordPress developers carrying ample experience, you can easily take your website to the next level. Contact us today.