Diwali is the most beautiful occasion that is filled with lots of happiness, excitement, and fun. On that day, people do many rituals such as walking up early in the morning then decorating their home with beautiful decor items. Then they go to their near and dear ones’ home to give the best wishes for this celebration along with the Diwali gifts. At night they offer prayers and then play firecrackers. In short, it is a hectic yet lovely occasion, and people wait for this day very eagerly. One thing that makes this festival more joyful is delicious food and sweets. This day people make various delicious foods to make their loved ones happy. So, if you want to try something different and delightful for your lovely family members and relatives on this Diwali, then this article is for you. Here, we discuss most yummy and easy Diwali recipes that you can make easily at your home. So let’s start it.

Sooji  Kachori

It is a very delicious and easy recipe that you can make quickly on this special event. For making sooji kachori, you do not need too many ingredients. You can make it with potato stuff and not need any garnish with fancy equipment. The best thing about this recipe is that it is delicious and does not take much time to make. So, if you want to delight your lovely family on this particular day, then you can make this delightful sooji kachori. It is the best and easy way to make them very happy on this beautiful day.

Bread Vada

The next most delicious recipe that you can try on this special day is bread vada. It is made with urad dal and does not take much time to make it. If you have no idea how it is made, you can make it with the help of online recipes where you can get how it is made and what ingredients are used for making it. You can enjoy these tasty vadas with your family members and relatives with coffee or tea. It is a delectable delight for your loved ones that will surely make them very special on this occasion.

Potato Lollipops

Maybe you are surprised to hear this recipe, but guys, it is delicious and the best delight for your loved ones. Mostly it is the best snack for your lovely kids, and they will be very pleased when they eat it. Usually, snacks are prepared with the potato stuff and give a delicious taste; that’s why it is an all-time favorite snack. So, this Diwali makes yummy and spicy lollipops for your kids and dear ones and impress them with this delicious delight. They can enjoy it with the green or red chutney that gives them a more yummy and tempting flavor. You can also send Diwali gifts online in Hyderabad to your dear ones with this yummy delight for making this special more beautiful for them.

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Bread Pizza

Everyone loves pizza and eats it at every happy moment. You can delight your family members and friends this Diwali by making a bread pizza at your home. Yes, it is a very yummy and easy recipe that you can make easily at your home. For making bread pizza, you can pour the ingredients that you like. Kids mostly enjoy this bread pizza, and they will thank you for this delightful treat. We think it is the best way to make this special day more pleasurable and memorable to make your kids happier on that day. You can also Buy Diwali Gift Hampers for your kids to make them more comfortable.


Diwali celebration is complete with sweets, right! You can avoid making sweets and cook something more delicious and yummy for your dear ones this Diwali. For example, you can bake a yummy cake this Diwali at your home to make this celebration more joyful and memorable for you and your dear ones. Believe me, there is no best way to impress your relatives and dear ones this Diwali as to serve them a delicious cake on this day. You can also deliver Diwali cake online to your close ones for adding love and sweetness in their life.

These are effortless and delightful treats for your loved ones to try at your home this Diwali and make your dear ones more special with these tasty treats. You can also send Diwali sweets online in Pune to your dear ones with your love and care.