Are you looking for some extremely durable as well as some voguish designs of Bathroom Fittings and Sanitary Brands? Then, you have come up to the right place as we have explored some astonishing Bathroom Fittings and Sanitary Brands that will not only make your bathroom look congenial but will also leave an enduring impact!

Bathroom Fittings are a very essential component of a home. They comprise showers, washbasins, bathtubs, toilets etc. We need Bathroom Fittings for innumerable activities like bathing, hand washing, maintaining hygiene etc. Its need cannot be neglected, so is its demand. The producers of items in the market nowadays are also focussing on customers’ needs and providing some very elegant Bathroom Fittings which are capable of turning your home into a modern, art-rich and aesthetic place that exhibits cool vibes all around.

Earlier, there was a time when people did not want to spend much on Bathroom Fittings but nowadays, there are some exceptionally designed Bathroom Fittings or Sanitary Fittings, which provide a very polished and contemporary appearance to the entire home.

There are some brands that offer an extensive range of sanitary fittings but before going through them, it is also very important to know the right criteria to select the best one!

Before selecting the finest sanitary fittings for your home, these points need to be scrutinized-

  1. The most crucial point while selecting sanitary fitting is its affordability. As a majority of the population living in our country belongs to the middle-income group.
  2. The second point is its colour composition. The colour composition should be in accordance with the entire house to give it a more aesthetic appearance.
  3. The third point is its quality. There are a great variety of sanitary brands which offer supreme quality of Bathroom fittings. Quality should always be one of your topmost priorities while selecting such products, as durability is highly demanded from items used in the construction of a home.

After having a brief knowledge about what points need to be taken into consideration while purchasing Bathroom fittings, let’s have a glance at some of the finest Bathroom Fittings and Sanitary Brands.

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Top 5 Bathroom Fitting and Sanitary Brands in India

We have analysed some of the best brands in the field of Bathroom Fittings for you to make the right choice while purchasing one.

  1. Hindware
  2. Jaquar
  3. Roca Parryware
  4. Kohler
  5. Cera


Hindware is amongst the most significant brands in the field of Bathroom Fittings. It is the first brand that introduced China Sanitary in 1962. It offers innumerable features which makes it distinct.

  • Makes use of Italian marble for good quality finishing.
  • Offers some successful and top-selling products like washbasins, faucets, cisterns.
  • Very prominent among other brands too.


Jaguar is a brand with great variations of Bathroom fittings. It provides some exceptionally brilliant products which match international standards. It has some salient features which make it distinct from the rest.

  • Well designed showers.
  • Detached and standing bathtubs.
  • Offers Essco group of bath fittings.
  • Its sauna and spa fittings give it a unique feature that is not present in the rest.

Roca Parryware

Parryware is a brand that is well known for its supreme quality of products. Parryware sanitary fittings are very popular in town as well as rural areas.

  • First to introduce electronic toilets.
  • The first preference of all, people living in rural areas.
  • Makes use of antimicrobial seatings.


Kohler Company was discovered by John Michael Kohler, a migrant from 1873. Kohler has been continuing the legacy of providing international standards for Bathroom Fittings. It presents some very marvellous features-

  • Provides unique designs of toilets especially the one named Numi.
  • Utilizes advanced technology for automatically opening toilets.
  • Matches international standards.


Cera is one of the most trustworthy brands among the people belonging to the middle-income group as it comes with some very affordable and simple bathroom fittings which are very comfortable to use. Its features are as follows-

  • Simple and rustic Bathroom Fittings harmonised with European designs.
  • Presents a marvelous range of products that matches the composition of the home.
  • Budget-friendly products that fulfill the needs of the customers.


Being carefully observing and analyzing the various features offered by the leading sanitary brands, it can be concluded that all the top 5 sanitary brands namely Hindware, Jaguar, Roca Parryware, Kohler and Cera are distinctive in their own way and the bathroom fittings which they provide succeed in providing maximum comfort to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best sanitary brand for bathroom fittings?

According to our analysis, Hindware is the best brand among all the others as it holds some extraordinary Italian marble and provides fine quality products.

Which is the most affordable brand for sanitary fittings?

Cera puts forward some very affordable and reasonable products which can easily be afforded by the middle-income group.

Which is the best online store for purchasing bathroom fittings?

There are numerous online stores that provide Bathroom Fittings. Amazon is the leading one among them all. You can also purchase some amazing Bathroom Fittings from Flipkart with its breathtaking discounts.

What are the various products that come under Bathroom Fittings?

Bathroom Fitting comprises showers, washbasins, bathtubs, toilets, faucets, etc. which are available in great variations in the market.

Where can we get maximum discounts on Bathroom Fittings?

Although it depends upon the different circumstances like festivals when humongous discounts are offered but Flipkart provides a great range of discounts.

Along with these top 5 best Bathroom Fittings and Sanitary brands, there are many other brands too which have successfully managed to establish their presence in the market and give them tough competition too.

The list of other established sanitary brands has been mentioned below-

  • Neycer- Neycer has proven itself a very trustworthy brand as it has been continuously delivering its finest products since 1980.
  • Roca- Roca has recently got very popular as it got its name attached with partyware.
  • Johnson Bathrooms- Johnson Bathrooms is a very established brand working since 1958 and utilizing nanotechnology for its products.
  • Somany- presents a range of reasonable bath fittings suiting the needs of the general population.
  • Eros- is a very prominent brand also known as Eros Standard which has been giving brilliant pro