Education Credential Assessment is a report by an independent firm that evaluates your foreign education. This report is used to make Express Entry to Canada. The assessment results and reference must be included in your Express Entry profile. This assessment generally helps you in increasing the chances of you getting hired in Canada, but doesn’t guarantees it. Below are some of the most common queries about Educational Credential Assessment answered by the Counsellors at Visa Expert 24 Immigration Solutions:

Who needs Educational Credential Assessment?

If you pursued your education outside Canada and want to work there, then you need this assessment for your express entry to Canada. The assessment is necessary for being eligible as the principal applicant for Federal Skilled Workers Program (Express entry) or if you want to earn points for education from outside Canada. In most cases, you only need an assessment for your highest level of education.

How to get one?

You can get your assessment done only from an organization or a professional entity appointed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Best immigration consultant for Canada. The report prepared by them indicates the value of your education in Canada. Processing charges’ costs may vary from organization or professional entity. The designated organization or a professional body will let you know about the documents you need for your assessment.

What does the report mean?

In the report you must present that your education is equivalent to a completed Canadian secondary or post-secondary school. The report must include the result and reference number of same in your Express Entry profile. If the criteria do not match then you won’t meet the education requirement under the Federal Workers Program and you won’t get any points for it.

The report must:

  • Be issued by designated organization or professional entity by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Be issued on or after the date when the organization or professional entity got designated
  • Not be more than 5 years old on the date you submit your Express profile entry or when you apply for permanent residence

How to Submit it?

You can use the same report for all other purposes, as long as it meets all the requirements of it. The report must not be submitted by the designated organization or the professional directly to the Consular office of Canada. Once the report is with you, enter the result and refence number in your Express Entry profile and upload the copies of original documents when asked to do so for permanent residency.

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