Can you imagine a home without sanitary ware? Perhaps not. Sanitary ware is an integral part of a home and people today look for fancy and stylish items, which look unique, give their home a polished, classy look, and are affordable at the same time.

Sanitary ware is the appliances, or products, designed, to be used in kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms. It includes the washbasin, urinals, kitchen sink or toilet sink, bathtub, ceramic pipes, and things alike.

Since these expenses do not need to be incurred, again and again, people usually spend a good amount of money on them, so that they can get the best quality products and make their home look good.

Modern-day homes install beautiful-looking sanitary ware. There are several companies that are designing breathtakingly beautiful sanitary ware, which can make your home look like your dream home.

When it comes to buying the sanitary ware for your home, you should keep in mind the following very important points-
● It should be of high quality so that it can last longer, as you are not going to change it every now and then.
● It should be beautiful, plus, it must suit the color and design of your home.
● It should be affordable. There are companies that charge hefty amounts of money in the name of bad-quality products. They can lure you with several marketing tactics. So beware and be careful with the fraudsters. If you want to invest a good amount of money in your home, you should always look for products from a well-reputed company. Do a quick research and you can find the best products in the market, or even online!

Now here we have made a list of the best Sanitary ware companies out there. Go through the list so that you can buy the best available products for your home.

The top 10 Best Sanitary ware brands in India are as follows:

1) Jaguar
2) Cera
3) Duravit
4) Hindware
5) Kohler
6) Johnson Bathroom
7) Somany
8) Parryware
9) Colston
10) Eros Standard

Let’s have a look at the products offered by each of the best Sanitary ware brands in India.

Jaguar is the most trusted Sanitary ware brand in India. The company was established in 1960 by N.L.Mehra. Today they export their products all over the world.

Cera is known for its stylish products. They offer an astonishing product range for modern home decor. Founded in 1980 in Gujarat, this company has become a big brand name today, which has some beautifully designed sanitary ware products that can be used in the construction of homes, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Duravit is a German sanitary brand, which was founded 204 years ago. The company has appointed big designers for its products. Thus you can find a nice range of attractive products, which are supplied in about 130 countries from all over the world.

Hindware was founded in 1960 and was renamed HSIL Limited, in the year 2009. It is one of the most famous and reputed sanitary ware brands in India. They offer imported Chinese sanitary ware products, which are known to be durable and comparatively affordable.

Kohler Co. is an American company that produces plumbing products, furniture, tiles, generators, and more. Founded in 1873, by John Michael Kohler, this company has now become a global brand name and is demanded by people from all over the world.

Johnson Bathrooms
Johnson Bathrooms started its services in 1958. It now has a mobile application, which can be accessed for the online shopping of various products that they offer. They offer sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, faucets, and more. They are known for the innovative products that they come up with.

Another highly famous sanitary ware brand of India is Somany. They offer a wide range of products, including basins, urinals, toilet seats, wall tiles, and much more. Since 1968, Somany has been a favorite sanitary ware brand for many people in India.

Another one from the top 10 best sanitary ware brands in India is the Chennai-based company, Parryware. Parryware was founded in 1952. They offer designer basics, faucets, bathing accessories, and other sanitary ware.

Colston is a global brand of bathroom ware and sanitary ware products. Their innovative products are amazing. For example, they offer automatic touchless faucets, auto hand dispensers, and many other fascinating ranges of products.

Eros Standard
Eros Standard is known for its stylish sanitary ware products, that can be used in the construction of modern-looking homes, resorts, and other places, in order to make them look more and more alluring and fascinating.

Their products include different types of basins, including some very beautifully designed artistic pieces, urinals, and toilet seats.


Having done a quick study about the top brands for sanitary ware in India, we can now conclude that Jaguar, Cera, Duravit, Hindware, Kohler, Johnson Bathroom, Somany, Parryware, Colston, and Eros Standard are the top 10 brands that offer the most stylish and durable products for your bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens.

You can buy their products online, through their websites, or Amazon or other shopping applications. The online shopping portals are loaded with a huge variety of classic as well as modern-looking sanitary ware. Plus, you get the products directly delivered to your home, without having to worry about handling those heavy ceramic products all on your own.

Buying from showrooms has its own merits. You can see the real look, quality, and size of the product, all by yourself.