Who does not love snap a nice picture or frame yourself? I think everyone like this, but after taking a picture and if the picture is not like the mind, then we got little upset. iPhone is the nice for the professional photographer who are able to take good picture using iPhone but it’s the matter of common people who are not professional photographer. So for them we here discuss some tips. 

There are some tips of beautiful selfie taking techniques:

Essential things:

Some essential things that are not neglected the time is to always clean the camera lens of your phone with a soft smooth cloths, not taking pictures in the sunlight, keeping your finger out of the frame while taking selfie. 

Take quick shots:

It is important to have the camera option open quickly on your iPhone to take quick shot. For this reason the camera will be ready to take a picture as soon as you wake your iPhone with a gentle push on the left hand side of the lock screen. 

Yellow box:

If you use focus to take a good picture then touch the object of the frame that you want to focus on the camera. The focus area is specified with a yellow box with a sign beside it. With the mark you can adjust the exposure with the movement of your finger. In addition to focusing on the camera itself the camera will suggest you to use certain exposure, which you can change and change your mind. 

High dynamic range:

You need to turn on the high dynamic range of your iPhone to take a good picture of the most dramatic bright colors such as sunset or sunrise. HDR captures multiple images in a variety of exposure setting. Then combine those multiple images to create the best pictures. The HDR option can be automatic, but you need to take into account how much space you take the picture. According to this calculation, this option can be changed slightly. 

Use of timer:

The timer will also help you to avoid the camera movements. Focus the image on the fixed position, select the exposure you want in the right setting, and touch the time icon, then select three seconds to take a picture. As a result, after pressing the shutter button or volume button on the screen you will have time to settle your hand. 

Button uses:

Shaking hands while taking a lot of good pictures they are wasted, so the simplest solutions on the iPhone have. Grab your iPhone in two hands and place your elbow towards yourself as much as possible. Then with the volume control button on the iPhone frame your picture without moving your camera. 

Burst mode:

If you want to take a picture of something moving then hold down the shutter icon or volume button on the iPhone camera app and the camera will take 10 pictures in in a single burst mode. You will see a number on the mobile display which will tell you how many pictures you have of that moving subject. At the end of taking picture, remove the rest by placing the best picture from all the pictures. 

Portrait mode:

If you have good fortune of using the iPhone 7 plus then you have known about the portrait mode so long. There are blur in everything else behind the focusing on the dual lens images. To use this features, choose portrait mode from the mode setting option, and then standing three meters away from the subject of the image. You can seamlessly take portrait pictures without having to worry about calculation the range of the screen and the depth effect. 

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