Hiking and camping with kids can create lifelong memories for you. The world is flooded with places you can go to experience the best of the outdoors. But, whether you plan for a simple campout or hiking to the mountains, you need to follow the rules of safety first.

Kids love the outdoors as it provides them the opportunity to discover, experience, learn and enjoy newness and independence which they randomly don’t get at home. Hence, these adventure trips give them a full-fledged opportunity to live their childhood to the fullest. However, you as a parent should keep the safety of your child as the top most priority to prevent any kind of mishap which may happen to your kid when hiking. Here are some safety tips to keep in your mind when hiking with kids:

  • Go for the buddy system

As the idiom says “two heads are better than one”, it perfectly describes the significance of buddy system. Whether it is hiking or just biking in the park, make sure your kid has a buddy or sibling with them.

  • Carry a whistle

Sometimes something as small as a whistle can prove to be of great importance especially when you hiking with the kids. Make them wear it on their neck every time. Instruct your kids to blow the whistle at the time of emergency. Tell them about the different sounds and their meaning for instance 3 whistles may mean survival. The noise of whistle can travel up to miles so it is a must have when going for hiking.

  • First Aid Kit and a snack backpack

Give every kid a small backpack and fill it with a first aid kit, eatables and other essentials. It should have a water bottle and sweatshirt too.

  • Do not play hide and seek when going for hiking

Outdoors seem to be a great place for hiding, and games like Hide and Seek are quite suitable for it. But, do not play hide and seek at such locations as kids may easily get lost when encouraged to hide.

  • Always keep your kids in front of your eyes

Well, it is just a common sense that when in a strange place, it is important to keep your kids in view. Keep younger kids always close to you. Provide them with a well-marked trail so that your kids don’t get lost.

  • Walk on the marked trails

It is an amazing way to keep the kids safe. Ghost trails which are just visited by a few people shouldn’t be opted for when going hiking with kids. They may confuse hikers. So, choose the suggested trail.

  • Wait at the Trail junctions

If the trails are changing at a particular point and your kids haven’t reached yet, then make sure you wait for them. If the trails are intersecting one another and you have to change the path, then do not go till everyone in your group has joined you.

  • Don’t camouflage, wear visible colors

Make sure you make your kids wear bright colors. Neon shades are good for kids as they make your kids visible even from a distance. Do not make your kids wear green, browns etc. as you may not be able to keep a check on your kids with such colors.

  • In case, someone is lost

In case your kid gets separated from the group, then tell them about the checkpoint they should reach. Provide them with the details of camping and give them phone numbers to contact. Make sure your kids know that they have all the supplies and they can reach out to everything they want.

Teach the kids to walk in the right direction if they are lost. Ask them to speak to someone reliable and seek help to reach out to you. Explain them that they should be found before it gets dark, but in case it doesn’t happen, then teach them how to make a shelter for themselves.

  • Make sure you provide the essentials to the kids

Prepared hikers know that they shouldn’t ever enter the woods without the essentials. Even when you are hiking as a family, there are some essentials which every member should carry. Take a look:

  • Navigation: A map and compass is very important when you are out
  • Sun protection: Wear sunscreen and sunglasses for your safety
  • Insulation: Keep something warm to wear
  • First aid kid should be present in every backpack in case of emergency
  • Flashlight: It is needed in case it gets dark while camping
  • Hiking shoes: It is very important to buy the best kids hiking shoes so that they can experience hiking at its best. Not only it offers amazing experience, but keeps your kids safe when hiking on the rocky trails.

By following these steps, there are chances that your kid will be safe when going to hiking with you and in case of any mishap, he/ she will know how to tackle it.