Everyone is aware of what is counselling or therapy. Online counselling is just getting counselling through online mediums like websites and mobile apps. Everyone uses apps for most things today and it is the same for counselling. You get it right in a mobile app or website.

So how does it work?

It’s generally a combo of these options –

Chat or text messaging –  One can text either through the app or website depending on the type of the platform. It’s the simplest form of communication and naturally very popular. Almost every platform has chat available.

Live text, video, or phone sessions: In this option, you can book an appointment for an audio or video call which would take place either over a 3rd party platform like Skype, Zoom etc or through the providers own app or platform. Again most platforms offer this feature as well.

Does it work?

The efficacy of such platforms will vary and depend on a few factors including the kind of experts that they have onboard. But yes, there is research that shows that online counselling can legit change your brain patterns, strengthening the connection certain regions that speed up the process of recovery. And a different study has found that online counselling can work as equally well as antidepressants for mild to medium depression. Till now there have been many studies which indicate that online counselling can be equally effective if not more effective than face to face counselling sessions.


There are many pros to opting for online counselling. And its always good to get a grip on your emotional wellness using online counselling or psychotherapy. Listed below are a few of the advantages –

  • You have the chance to describe your situation and get feedback on that from someone who is a professional and also more importantly, not biased in any kind.
  • These professionals bring a fresh perspective to your situations.
  • Good professionals will help you out with strategies or techniques that you can use from day one.
  • They are professionally trained to deliver the best possible help. They know their boundaries and hence will be much more successful in helping you as opposed to friends or relatives.


So while there many advantages to getting online counselling, there are a couple of cons to it as well. Even though the pros far outweigh the cons, it is good to know the limitations of online counselling.

  • The experts may fail to pick out on visual cues that you are providing in a chat-based or audio-based platform.
  • Connectivity issues may cause an interruption in communication

As we can see the benefits far outweigh the cons when it comes to online counselling. So it’s definitely a feasible option to opt for online counselling whenever you want to.

Which are the best apps for online counselling?

Online counselling app

While there are a lot of available options we have tried to come up with a list of few that you can use for online counselling. We have used all of these and can say with relative assurance that they are pretty good. Try out the different ones and see which is the best fit for you.

Aurum :
It’s one of the best online counselling apps globally. They have their own unique programs on stress, anxiety, depression management and others. It’s based on Cognitive Behavioural Counselling (CBT) which is the most well-adopted approach to tackle emotional issues like stress, anxiety etc. They have a good panel of psychologists and counsellors and have experts for different areas of counselling. The experience of counselling is wonderful and all this at probably the most affordable prices you will find online. This makes Aurum the top app of online counselling anywhere in the world right now.

Its an online counselling app wherein you can sign up and connect with a professional counsellor over chat, audio or video. There is no need to go and visit a counsellor now you can just connect with one over this platform.

In conclusion, we would just like to draw attention to the fact that online counselling is one of the best options for you if you are looking to get expert help for your life issues. So do not hesitate and get the help you deserve. The pros far outweigh the cons and hence we strongly recommend you to opt for online counselling right now.