The temple at home, or a Pooja room, is a sacred place, where we worship our God, our creator. It is the place, where we tell all our griefs and worries to our idol, who thus helps us to find the ultimate peace and gives us the strength to fight our daily problems connected to our health, relationships, finances, or anything and thus makes us more strong, happy and satisfied, spiritually.

When we equip our home with beautiful furniture units like a three-seater sofa set, a king size bed, or a six seater dining table, then we need to have a Pooja room too and place there a beautiful temple for home, which is nicely crafted and maintains a perfect aura in the home. A Pooja room, having a temple for home is something which everyone wants to have. According to our culture and traditions, people start their day by worshiping their God. People in India are very much particular about the Pooja room and the temple.  There is a wide range of home temples available in the market today, with elegant designs that can lure anyone to buy them for their beautiful home.

The temple, when placed according to the Vastu Shastra, can bring good health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness to the house and its residents.

In the present complex scenario, with busy lifestyles, we do not find time for ourselves to analyze the reasons that cause failures in our health, wealth or relationships. Most of these problems are connected to major Vastu defects.

Dr. Snehal S Deshpande is of the view that Mandir or altar is the king of all the Vastu rules. Place it in the northeast and everything will start falling in place. Also, face the East while praying.

The mandir for home is best when it is made of wood. The wooden temple endures such an aura that it spreads a positive environment in the entire house. Moreover, they are cost-effective, as compared to marble home temples. Rosewood is considered auspicious for Pooja room. The most commonly preferred woods for temples for home are Rosewood, Teak wood, and Mango wood. Dr. Suryadevara Venugopal, who is an expert in Astrology, Vastu and Numerology since 1999, says that a wooden home temple is better than the one made up of marble.

Experts’ views on buying a second hand home temple for your Pooja room

According to the cultural and traditional beliefs of India, everything of God has to be bought new, from a small nail to the wood. Even the Prasaad (sweet) and flowers that people offer to God, also needs to be made or bought new every day.

Dr. Venugopal says that the temple should always be a new one, a second hand home temple should always be avoided for your sacred Pooja room.

Dr. Manoj Kalantri, who is a Doctorate in Vastu Shastra, strongly dissuades anyone from buying a second hand temple for home. He further states that it has been very explicitly stated in the classical texts that one should not use any used article in either the construction or the decoration of one’s house. Using somebody else’s Mandir is certainly not suggested at all. There is a sacred connection between the owner of the Mandir and the Mandir. This can not be replicated by another owner taking possession of this Mandir. Hence, it is very important to note that, regardless of all the other factors, one should never opt for having a second hand temple in their Pooja room. It is also important to keep in mind that any kind of Shuddhikaran (purification) or likewise Poojas will not help. Dr. Kalantri further advises avoiding getting trapped in any such kind of foolishness.

It is also being said that if you buy a new house then the temple should also be a new one. The old temple is advised to be either given to a poor person who needs it, or it should be disassembled and its parts used for some different, useful purpose. One can use the old home temple until he buys a new one, but the new home temple should be installed in the Pooja room and the old one should be replaced, as soon as possible.

Reasons to buy a new temple for home (and why not to opt for a second hand one) – There can be various reasons to buy a new temple for your home and avoid buying a second hand one. Those reasons can be stated as under-

  • There are always new, more elegant, more beautifully crafted designs of home temples available in the market, to make your home look just the way you want it to be.
  • Temples for homes can be customized according to one’s requirements and needs. One can always buy the temple having the colour he wants, which matches the color scheme of the Pooja room, which has just the desired number of shelves and drawers, has the desired dimensions so as to look perfect at the place it has been put to. So, one can update the Pooja room with the newest and trendiest design of the temple available in the market anytime.
  • As per the beliefs, one should not opt for a second hand temple for his Pooja room, due to the reason that, every individual has his own, different kind of faith in God and has a different spiritual connection with his temple, due to which, the owner of the temple should not change. One can give his old temple to the people who are poor and needy, and make his God happy and thus earn good rewards from God in return.
  • One should never hesitate while spending in the cause of God if he wants the ultimate peace and happiness in his life and his home.
  • The Pooja room should look like the best part of the house, its temple should not look like it has been repaired or is very old or something like that.
  • The Vastu experts and the people connected with Astrology strongly advise, not to buy a second hand temple for your home, they have even called installing a second hand temple at home foolishness, and they even say that any kind of Shuddhikaran or likely Poojas are all myths, they will not help in any way in this matter.

Thus, we can say that there are ample amount of reasons to convince anyone that buying a second hand temple for your home is not a good idea, instead, you should always go for a new one, that fits your Pooja room in the way that it looks like the real home of God, that is, heaven, where one can feel the divine spiritual connection with his idol and thus eliminate all his worries and tensions and feel light-hearted and happy.