Are you overloaded with work these days? If it sounds familiar then you must be feeling trapped. All you are doing right now is cranking away the huge to-do list in front of you. When so much is going on, no amount of entertainment can beat stress. Even your Frontier Internet deals could be of no use. Because you can either work or browse something on your smartphone. 

When you feel like you already have too much on your plate, the worse way of dealing it is by putting your nose to the grindstone. What you need is a break. I understand it’s hard to demand one when you already have so much work to do. Relax, these tips will help you take a break and get the job done at the same time:

Determine the Triggers

The first way of breaking free is to figure out what overwhelms you. Is your boss pilling you up with pressure? Do you feel you have very few hours to get the work done? Or do you have too many responsibilities? Once you understand what triggers the stress, you can develop strategies to overcome it.

Give Your Mind an Opportunity to Wander 

Don’t hesitate to let your mind wander. Sometimes, we need to disassociate ourselves with the world to recharge our creativity. This strategy would help you prioritize your tasks without overcomplicating anything.

When you are stressed out and overwhelmed at the same time, the office becomes the worst place to be around. When you are feeling overly anxious, just leave. It is important to realize that in such a situation, your office space turns into a place that is preventing you from getting any work done. Get up and leave. 

In a corporate job, you don’t really have the flexibility to leave your premises and that’s ok. Take a bunch of documents to the photocopying machine or wander to the other side of the campus.

If you can take your laptop to a coffee shop or library, go ahead. Getting away from the rush will give you clarity of mind. You will then be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Learn to Say No

Some people really need to hold onto this tip. Such people are taught to say “Yes” to everything from their childhood. They think if they don’t obey the rules, they will be rejected. Hence, they keep their heads down and take every task their boss throws at them thinking they are lucky to have a job. 

Saying no can be hard but if you learn this tip, it will help you in both personal and professional life. 

Get Full Night’s Sleep

Since there is so much to do, a lot of people pull late nights to reduce their workload. This is the worst thing you can do. Stop right now. Close your laptop and just go to bed. 

Sitting in front of your computer to get a task done instead of sleeping is not going to help you get anything done. It will slow you down instead. When you are tired, you are distractible. You will feel that nothing is manageable. You won’t get anything done at night or the next day.

When you are in an overwhelming state, your brain is working double time and it deserves a break. So make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep. The more rested you are, the more work you will get done.

Talk It Out 

When your mind is spinning with so many things, the best thing you can do is talk to someone. 

You must be thinking that talking to a colleague about your struggles will make you sound incapable. No, it won’t because you are not asking them to do your work. You are just expressing yourself. You will be surprised to see how much this helps. It would seem as if everything has become more manageable. 

Simply saying everything out loud will help you process things and organize your tasks. Maybe a colleague can give you pointers on how they dealt with a similar in the past. At the very least, someone will cheer you up and that might be enough to get you through the day.

If All Fails, Move On

Still struggling? Then maybe it’s a sign that you should start a job hunt. A stressful job can shatter your confidence in your own abilities. 

Hopefully, these strategies will help you get your tasks done without losing your mind. Once the job is done, treat yourself. Watch a comedy movie on your Frontier TV to relieve some stress.