It’s a sure thing that if you need a best budget prebuilt gaming PC, you have to compromise on a lot of thing.
Now it’s not like you’ll get a PC which barely just manages to run a few programs. Nope, if you’re on a budget, you’re definitely targeting the entry-level and medium level gaming PCs.

But here’s another question that everyone asks. why a prebuilt gaming pc instead of building a gaming PC? In simple words, the budget that building a gaming PC take is a lot more than buying a prebuilt gaming PC.

Anyhow, before buying a gaming PC under 500 – 700 or any other budget, you need to look at some of the important factors and you need to prioritize a few factors before buying your build. Whereas, the other ones aren’t that important. But to some of you it might be. So, i’ll explain those factors to you.


Before doing anything else, a faster CPU should be your top priority. Some of you might be thinking that if I can replace the processor later on, why should I waste my money an extra fast one. You are completely wrong. Thinking about a faster processor in the gaming PC from the beginning is as important as placing a turbo in the sports car’s engine before going for a race. Why? it’s simple, in case of any other hardware, you can go straight buy that hardware from the market and connect it to the gaming PC. Where in case of processor, if you get a slow processor and later on decide to replace it, instead of just upgrading the CPU, you also have to replace a motherboard and not just a motherboard, you have to find an appropriate one where that faster CPU can fit. On the other hand costs you more money and wastes your time. So planning for a faster processor from the beginning is important.

Graphics card:

The second most important thing you need to do is to upgrade the graphics card on the budget gaming PC. Yes, there are some medium-level gaming PCs where the faster GPU is pre-installed. But on entry-level gaming PCs you won’t find any graphics card. So upgrading it on those rigs is highly recommended in order make the system enable to support your desired games.


Most of the entry-level prebuilt gaming rigs comes with an 8GB memory which is enough for multi-tasking. Some also comes with 4GB memory which I won’t recommend. So the 8GB RAM should always be you priority before making a purchase. Later on if you want to upgrade it, that would awesome too.


Now here comes the part where you’ll store all of your gaming data. Whereas, you have two options. Either to get a rig with an SSD or a rig with hard drive its best for gamingĀ  pc. The choice is yours but let me tell you what you should do. SSDs are faster than the hard drive and has low space. On the hand they’re expensive. However, the hard drive is cheap and provide more space. The down side of hard drive is that they are slow. Instead of getting one of these, it’s highly recommended to go with hybrid version of both of these, A 1TB hard drive plus 120GB SSD would be a nice match. This way you’re getting more speed and storage.


The design shouldn’t be your priority if you’re into budget gaming PC. Yes, there are some which comes with the nicer ergonomics. But that doesn’t mean that it will have the a positive impact on your hardware’s performance. But the choice is yours, if you want to get a nice looking tower, you can and if you don’t, not a problem.


Here was our best possible advice on how to choose a best budget gaming PC. Now it’s your turn what to decide. By following the above things that we mentioned might get you some where in getting your best gaming PC. Now it’s your turn to tell us what you have decided. Let us know through out comment box or contact form. Peace.