Students tend to get carried away way instead of focusing on studies whenever a match comes up. There could be several reasons as to why it is so easy for them to get distracted. Our education system has molded students in a way that they rebel and it is not always willingly. They do it just out of pure anger because since a very young age, they are forced to take part in a competition they did not sign up for i.e. life. But, can cricket craze be blamed for it? One of the reasons, for sure.

Cricket is the second most watched and loved the game in the world after FIFA and the love is so uncanny that it gets to you no matter how much you try to keep yourself away from it. The zeal and excitement of a very important match lead you in active discussions. You end up buying a cricket t shirts. But, the real question here is if this craze for a sport affects the students, the future of a country? The time of a student is very precious.

How Cricket Affects The Studies Of A Student:

With the world cup matches in full swing and so does the mood of every individual who is a fan of cricket, one set of the group is being affected a lot by it, the students and their studies. Here is how the craze of cricket is affecting the future of the country:

  1. Continuous Internet Surfing:

Only a cricket fan would understand how much time they spend on surfing the internet. But this internet surfing for cricket gears, may it be to buy world cup 2019 t-shirts. The students skip their assignments and important group discussions to discuss the matches over the internet. The continuous surfing about their favourite cricket team and seeing the match updates wastes a lot of their time. During the exam week, the idea of getting distracted alone puts the future of the country in jeopardy.

  1. BIG Distraction:

Cricket craze leads people to be distracted from work and studies. The rush of wanting to know what would happen in the match or what is going on can drive you crazy. The distraction leads to less focus on important stuff like studying. The anxiety of knowing how your favourite player is playing or how the rival team is making your favourite team feel gets all your attention.

  1. Shopping Fever:

How can cricket craze and shopping relate, right? But, youngsters go crazy wanting to have the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 kits for themselves to show off at their institutes. The waste of money, time and the overall distraction lead to less focus on studies. Neglecting them during the most important week of the year can cause a fall in grades and affect the future of a student. Even if one doesn’t go for shopping, online shopping has given another reason for students to waste their time.

  1. No Knowledge:

If there was any good thing coming out of this obsession, the neglection towards studies wouldn’t have been a problem but there is no knowledge that would help a student in future unless they want to pursue cricket as a profession in future. What is the use of watching the match’s every detail?

  1. Unnecessary Competition:

Yes, cricket unites us against the rival team/ country. But, this competition is unnecessary and there is no point of becoming a rival of the country who you would probably move to if you get a chance or visit for vacation. The unwanted rivalry affects the studies and the behaviour of the people too. Students can invest their time in something which would benefit them academically as well as in practical life. Entertainment doesn’t have to be only about the rivalry.

Yes, Sports play an important role in building up a character but they can also destroy them too, take away their time. Cricket passion is real and there shouldn’t be any harm it but for that students need to divide their time accordingly and prioritise their studies first. Cricket backpacks online are available for the cricket enthusiasts.