Online designing has gained popularity for the past few years. We do not have to select from a pre-designed menu or model but we can choose the characteristics and features according to our needs. Online t-shirts designing is very common nowadays. 

There are various websites that provide us with the tools to design t-shirts online. People can explore their artistic abilities through online t-shirts designing. They can create an impressive t shirt graphic design.

The online t-shirt design program is very easy and takes much less time. The websites have many options for people who want their own personalized t-shirts. First, they have to choose a shirt and then they have to take a decision on the design. Plenty of pre-designed options are available for the customers. People can also make a shirt with their own t-shirt design.

They can visit the t-shirt designer and can choose from any of the t-shirt designs that have been uploaded in the database. People have to first go through a wide variety of t-shirts and accessories. Once they have found the custom shirt or other product, they can select the size and color of the product.

When you are looking forward to having a t-shirt design on your t-shirt, there are several techniques that are involved in order to get the best outcome. We have done a complete analysis of both screen printing and digital printing along with its boons and cons. This way you will be able to choose the best way in which you can create your dream t-shirt.

Screen printing for t-shirts

You might have tried the simplest version of screen printing where a template of every color of the design is used for the creation of spaces where the ink will be pressed onto the fabric in itself if you had any interest in arts at school. 

There is a lot of automation involved in the actual printing once the setup is completed where a similar principle is applied in the professional t-shirt screen printing.

Digital printing

This type of printing is also known at times as DTG. There is the application of textile water-based inks to the t-shirt with the use of a specialized digital printer in this technique here. A heat press is involved here where the design is fixed onto the garment.

Choosing the best t-shirt printing technique

There are people who provide the best quality of finish here while considering which technique needs to be chosen here. There are techniques that are quite better as a matter of fact as they all depend on the design of the t-shirt you have chosen to print. The color of the garment is also a deciding factor here as it all depends on the color that you have chosen to print.

The best T-shirt designs for screen printing

The ones that are best suited to screen printing is in producing quite high-quality results with bolder designs with thicker lines and less amount of color. Screen printing will not be able to generate the same image that is produced through digital prints that are with fine color blending or are in black and white shades.

The number of prints generated along with the factors that influence the price of the t-shirt in this run is in screen printing as it involves more set up. The price is also affected by the number of colors in the design as they all utilize different sets of screens of several colors.

Screen printing might also be the best option here as they produce a top-notch finish as the t-shirt design is quite simple here. A vibrant color combination that is produced through screen printing is well maintained in the t-shirt printing industry. 

The quality of the inks that are used and the garment base is also a factor that determines the durability of the screen printed t-shirts that follow multiple wear and washes.

The best T-shirt designs for digital printing

 Over recent years, the advances in printing technology have improved a lot with the finish of the digitally printed t-shirts. When you see the dots that are there in the design you need not be discouraged by it if you have tried this over a few years back. 

You will not get some quality finishes and better durability with the digital t shirt screen printing. Digital printing is the best way to go as they can reproduce some photorealistic designs if you are using a photograph or more complex multi-colored images. 

It is a lot cheaper option here if you only require some small number of t-shirts that are produced along with the set-up costs that are lowered down in addition to all.

The color of the base garment is the most important factor that needs to be considered with digital prints as the color that is formed is the most prominent one in terms of designs and the best results are achieved through it.