The phrase Green Coffee extract was first heard in “The Dr. Oz Show” and from there it has been picked; the show publicized the benefits of the Green coffee beans and told the audience about its weight loss promoting efficiency. Since then, green coffee extracts has become a moot topic. Everyone is talking about how it is really beneficial for promoting weight loss without doing any physical activity and after the so-called debate on the show the Green coffee beans for sale on various stores and online e-commerce stores. Although the coffee though unroasted contains a significant amount of caffeine which can really harm the people if there is a high intake of the dosage. But the question here is, is it really that beneficial or just mythical or it was just a marketing strategy for promoting the coffee!

So let’s now dig deeper and do strong research and let’s talk about its merits, demerits, dosage, usage, and its side effects and where easily it is available. Firstly, we should start by asking what actually it is. And whether we should trust something as easily available on the internet or not!

Green coffee bean

What is Green Coffee Beans?

Green Coffee beans, generic name Green Coffee Extract, are nothing but extracts of the green coffee seeds which are unroasted and they yet have to be roasted (which is a normal coffee). As unroasted coffee seeds are high in Chlorogenic acids, which are believed for promoting weight loss in human beings, similarly roasting a seed reduces the Chlorogenic acid. It is believed that, due to this component, it has tendencies to promote weight loss. Not only weight loss, but it is believed that it also helps in reducing Blood pressure although; all these claims are debatable and highly controversial.

Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans: Myth or reality?

After it has been publicized on the TV about its weight loss benefits, many big celebrities have been questioned and fined while promoting the seeds on the TV without any proper scientific research. But many have exclaimed that it has really been a contributing factor in reducing weight and controlling the blood pressure levels. There are many companies which have been under the Senate hearing for false advertisement and for leading the consumers to a wrong direction due to the lack of proper scientific on the product. But based on the reviews it has got after the advertisement is overwhelming. Many consumers have said that it is really beneficial if taken properly.

 So, it is really beneficial (according to user reviews) if the intake of the caffeine is limited and if you are not sensitive to caffeine. And the various studies also have shown that it may have the prospects of health benefits.

Where to find it and how to use it?

Green Coffee beans for sale are available on online stores and normal general stores within affordable prices. The safe intake dosage of the seed is 480mg per day and can also vary person to person.

But these seeds are the Best coffee beans which are believed to have many health benefits because they are unroasted and contain a higher amount of Chlorogenic acid. The dosage also depends whether a person is caffeine sensitive or not. And this the major difference in Coffee bean and tea leaf.

Side effects

Side effects of the product include (if taken high dosage)

  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • A headache
  • Agitation
  • Diarrhea
  • High cholesterol issues

These side effects are noticed when the intake of the caffeine is high and not limited, so if you experience any of these side effects limit your intake.


What to take back now? If you are not highly sensitive to caffeine you can take it in limited dosage and can try if it works for you because there are very few scientific researches which back up the saying “The green coffee bean that burns fat fast” which was mentioned in the Dr. Oz Show. But you can always try if it works for you or not. But several studies and reviews say that it works and have many health benefits.


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