Diwali is coming and it is obvious that if you are a company or an organization, you would be in great thought of what to give to your employees as Diwali gift. It is definitely not easy to decide one type of gift for everyone and hence we are here to help you in making this crucial decision.

Most of the companies would give the usual gift to their employees that they have been giving for years. But employees should know that as a company/an organization you value them. Therefore, you got to select an out-of-the-box gift for Diwali 2019. Below are top five innovations that are life savior for everyone-

  1. AirTamer A310- A wearable Air Purifier. 


AirTamer is not just a regular air purifier  rather it is one of the greatest innovations that can help your employees breathe fresh air anywhere and everywhere. They can just simply hang it around their neck and carry it with them wherever they want to. This device works on advanced ionic technology in which millions of negative ions are emitted and these ions attach themselves to the pollution particles around you and pass their charge onto them. Then those negatively charged particles get attracted to positively charged surfaces like chair, clothes, etc. and keep the breathing passage clear.  It creates a 3-feet sphere of clean air around the head of the user protecting him/her from all the air-borne diseases around. This device does not require continuous power source and can be simply charged with the provided USB cable just like a mobile phone. If used continuously then the battery lasts for up to 150hours on one single charge. Airtamer works silently as it has no built-in fan or motor like other purifiers do. This amazing air purifier is available on amazon.comglobalkart.comFlipkart and PayTm Mall.

2. Nut Trackers

Nut Trackers

It is one gift that won’t dig a hole in your pocket. Nut trackers are a must have product for everyone as it helps them find/track their essential items. It has three products- Nut Mini, Nut Find 3 and Nutale Focus. All the three trackers work to track all the lost items or any of your essentials to which the tracker is attached. Each model comes with a fitted replaceable battery. You can call it the best Diwali gift for your employees as they will no more have an excuse of losing their important stuff like keys or phone as the button on Nut Find 3 and Nutale Focus also helps in finding the phone. They can simply attach any of the Nut trackers to the important item with the included lanyard or just put in the pocket of a bag or wallet and can simply declare it lost on the Nut app when they are unable to find it. The bidirectional alarm makes both the phone and the nut beep to help in locating the misplaced items within seconds. Also, there’s a NUT app that tells you last disconnect location and shows the GPS location of the Nut where it got disconnected.

This amazing Nut Finder Smart Tracker is available on globalkart.com

3.Equa Smart Water Bottle

Equa Smart Water Bottle

No gift is better than a smart bottle that would keep your employees hydrated and full of energy all day? For any employee to work effectively and efficiently, it is important for them to drink enough water every day and deliver work of great quality. Equa Smart Water Bottle is made of high quality stainless steel and has double insulated walls that keep water hot for up to 12hours and cold for up to 24hours. It comes with an LED glow reminder which is attached at the bottom and glows to remind the user to drink water. It connects to phone of the user (Both android and iOS) via an app that makes a personalized plan according to his/her lifestyle. The app is smart enough to track and monitor the daily water intake so that the user knows when he/she missed meeting the daily water requirements. The tracker is rechargeable and can be easily charged with the provided USB cable. EQUA looks super elegant and stylish with its metal ring and pure marble top that makes it super easy to carry.

This amazing Equa Smart Water Bottle is available on globalkart.com

4.Breo iSee4 Eye Massager 

Breo iSee4 Eye Massager

We all know that in today’s time, work means computer. Almost everyone’s job require continuous sitting in front of a laptop or a computer for whole day. This makes their eyes tired and hence they start feeling sleepy. Breo iSee4 is possibly the best Diwali gift for your employees as it is an extremely comfortable, relaxing and 180 degrees foldable eye massager. This smart and digital massager adopts intelligent air pressure, vibration and heat compression massaging technology to help relax the tensed muscles around the user’s eyes. The massager comes with a built-in music player that has pre-recoded nature sounds which further relaxes the user. It comes with three different massage modes- Sleep, Low and High which helps relax the tired eyes with different levels of vibration. iSee4 also provides relief to eye strain, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headaches. This massager is rechargeable and can easily be folded to fit into the included black travel case.  

This amazing Breo iSee4 Eye Massager  is available on globalkart.com

5.Aegis Secure Key 3NX

Aegis Secure Key 3NX

You cannot think that just a password on your data would keep your confidential information secure. Any way of securing your data that is based on software encryption is dangerous as there are hackers that can easily get its access within seconds. Aegis Secure Key is not a regular pen drive instead it is a hardware encrypted drive that keeps your information safe from everyone. It is the most useful gift for your employees as they would not be continuously tensed about losing the data that is important to the company. They can simply set a password and until the password is entered by pressing the buttons on top of the key, it will be locked. The key also comes with the auto lock feature in which if kept unused for 30 seconds, it gets locked. It comes with two modes-admin and user mode and each mode can have its own security code. Although, it is a bit complex to understand the drive but that’s how you know how secure and safe is your data.

This amazing Aegis Secure Key 3NX  is available on globalkart.com