Today we will discuss cool drawing ideas animals that haven’t done animal lion drawing. I know I have a lion done already but this is a roaring lion drawing so with the teeth and everything. We’re going to start the eyes, as usual, well it varies what’s that with you always I recommend a pencil for this. If I go too fast so I’m up in the top half of my page and I’m going to start with the top right eyelid. So, we’re going to curve this line across and then in under here we’re going to put in his iris curving.

The pupil in the centre there a circle inside there you can make it bigger or smaller. Next so than the bottom eyelid so it sorts of comes in here a little bit first and then we’re going to bring it down.

Then it’s going to go underneath this eye and then back up out the other side. It’s going to come out to a point out here like so and then like all in here’s black so black inside. You can even bring a little bit of darkness across the top of the eye to make them look a bit angrier. So, this black part kind of curves up around his bro here as well as kind of spikes up so that’s kind of the genera.

L shape we have for the eye so we’re going to come over and then do the other eye so they’re quite a distance off before the eyes. You can fit two eyes between here so the length of this eye you can fit two of them across before the next value starts.

Easy lion drawing

So, we started about here quite far apart like cool drawing ideas and this comes up putting over again it has a part that sticks up on the side. Here so it’s kind of like a little hook here and then the iris and people underneath. We do that sort of half-circle semicircle there and we do is pupil inside. The bottom eyelid line sort of spikes out here a little bit comes down comes across right underneath.

You could bring it across the top of his pupil and I here as well and the taking off this sort of dark section. Here’s all right so he’s snarling and growling so he has kind of bumps coming across his nose. So, we’ve got like one coming across here bump there and it comes across to my look was up the other side.

cool drawing ideas

The face of a lion drawing

I’ve been to towards his eye on that same as well like so and then we have another bump underneath here. These kinds of come down and ridges all on the side of his nose and they can find at scratchy hairy. Sketchy lines you know because it’s a hairy animal so like that lion drawing. We’re going to keep sort of bumping down around so we bump here and then these bumps again.

Then one more here so I bring a red colour to in towards his nose and now this is going to come down for his step. All the way around so he’s got that sort of cat-like big mouth sword it’s going to come around. They come down on the other side around like so that’s the kind of shape we’re going for and then in here we have his nose.

The nose is the top of it so we have a bump coming in this way like so comes down and comes up back down. The handle of a bow now similar sort of shape and then the nostrils so we’re going to do a curved line. Here down like that I’ll let do another one you see here so this comes down to like a point so comes down here.

This is the pink section of his nose might be a line of the middle. So, his nose as well is surrounded by sort of these dark skin sections so we have a part that comes up. These are going to come down boy his nose like this and curve around the bottom of his top lip.

Lion drawing easy

Then kind of like the inside of the Audis all in here is dark. There are a few extra wrinkles that are around that so coming up and around here curved line. Then open around here another one solute here and then they Swan kind of coming across. The front of his nose here come around there. We have those dots for his whiskers coming in this direction so coming in towards his nose coming in this way.

They kind of get bigger down here even on lines now join together sometimes. His bottom jaw area that’s open big wide-open mouth so it’s going to come down. The black section of its gums and then we have like a hairy chin so it comes down this side and then we’ll bring it down here.

This open real wide like that so then this so long I need to go down and around join the other side much longer. You would think it’s the whole amount of theory and then his chin is like done. The teeth big sharp fangs kind of round at the top the number the pointy there’s one there next one here. Six small teeth to coming across the top round six these outside ones seem to be bigger in lion drawing.

It’s sort of dark up here so than the bottom teeth so these cool drawing ideas fangs we can kind of see down below. We can kind of see behind them a little bit because it’s jarring down so this kind of curve up. This way and a bit more and then we bring it back down this side.

Lion drawing how to

These have a tooth over them so this line doesn’t join together on this side at least it doesn’t anyway and then. We have another tooth so small one again kind of small round ones here like circles kind of Janie. Then the next big fang here so the curve it this way up to the points there and then the song so curves up into here. This side curves up and then coming across the frontier like so and you could have a line.

We’re down like that and then, of course, all in here is in shadow it’s dark black and his gums are dark black. As well except for one or two white highlights so a few left I’ll draw it in so we’re going to leave like a strip of white.

Here lion drawing and a strip of white coming across this site and here and then the rest are black. There’s kind of shadow it that comes down on top of the tongue but it’ll colour that black first. I added some hatching and shadows onto the tongue you could leave a white if you wanted to colour. It but I thought I had some hatching while I was doing the shadow it made a darker at the top and a little bit darker along.

I’m going to add a few sorts of cracks in his teeth and stuff some texture coming down here optional of course right. We’re going to add a line underneath the eye kind of an eyelid line here so and then another one all right.

Simple lion drawing

Here can be kind of a hairy line if you want it and then the rest of the head so coming out from about the middle of his snout. Here we’re going to do a hairy spiking sort of line that goes up and around like this kind of a sketchy sort of line to make. It looks a bit hairy coming up around his head. It’s going to curve down into here right down to about there and then I’ll come back up the other side. So, you’ve gone for like an arrow or a letter Y there and then you bring it around the other side.

We’re going for the shape of the head, okay, and then this is going to come in around here. There’s some will finish the wrinkles on top of his nose.

So, we’ve curving wrinkled here and then two more bumps underneath this kind of like a triple stack of ice cream. There and then we have some more lines above his eye so kind of a wrinkling sort of line. This comes around for that black sort of part above their eye a lot of big cats have. You can name you to add a top sort of eyelid line there and this might come a bit higher actually here.

If we do something similar on this site, the hard eyelid line will appear around this whispered part of the lion drawing. What I’m calling a whisper section. There are very few whispers that stick out of them and then there is the upper eyelid. You can bump it on the forehead or cut it into two pieces.

Lion drawing cartoon

Looks like falling a little further from here for hair and fur and things. And another night under the first cheek. It’s like her jaw so it’s like her mouth. We have his chin and his jaw so we are going to do that. What looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring? Super Aquarius doesn’t have to come down. Keep her chin down here as well as like a hairy chin. Then it will move to the other side as well, so we can see the important right.

His ears will do the same. lion drawing is the main part of her hair then wears it but here’s what you’re going to see here about the ears across her forehead. Her ears seem to be sticking out of here as if it’s like curves.

There may be an extra dark section like this. All sorts of fur inside us are wrapping up the office so here’s a bullet. Like her main lines, the lines of her hair are stuck in some parts. That’s how it’s coming around. This is exactly the case with the real another side. The way it goes there. You do a dark section in size and then cover some hair on it.

So that means coming down like this, so lots of big high-speed lines you don’t have to be more careful. This is how you grow your hair and this is how it comes to his chin. It goes down and you keep filling it with spikes and airs. About which you know you can go down. But now you may have such a stick.

Lion drawing face

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Like he’s bald. If you want to stay here. When I’m drawing sometimes, I’m actually listening to people. Which can be dangerous so let’s continue. It’s like around the ear and then up So between are our parents. The hair here so some parents such a centre section and then such hair grows around his head, so your s good cloud of a lion drawing.

You can go to a clean classical distance. You can be dirty the way you want. I know, we’ll go classical. We will get the top of their head and bring it down like so stylish.

Alliance can have crazy messy sort of the main sticking right up and off in all different directions. You know because it doesn’t bother them what were their hair is so you keep doing that until. You’re happy and then do not forget to add whiskers because I always forget to add the whiskers. I’ve forgotten my last line drawing to draw the whiskers so like I said there’s a couple of small ones here.

The big ones are here so they’re white so if you had and if you were colouring. You’d colour the line and then do the whiskers last like in white pen or whatever is your choice of colour of course. If it’s a pencil sketch yeah bits of shading on the bit of grey you know it’s obscene you feel it, you’re drawing. A starting point you know if you’re trying to learn how to draw or if you want to take the line image. Itself and then I colour too as sketches you know do you use these tutorials whatever way you want. Finally, the lion drawing is complete.