Coming up with a birthday gift idea is a real struggle. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for your sibling, better-half, or parent; it is inevitable to get away from this dilemma.  If you fall under this category too, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Starting from flowers to engraved jewelry, we have come up with ten best birthday gift ideas to help you in this process. With everything online nowadays, you can even send flowers to Delhi, Kolkata, or any other cities the person lives.

Top 10 Birthday Gifting Ideas

Birthday Flowers

Bright, colorful flowers are always the best way to put up a smile on someone’s face. Sending a bouquet of flowers with a short birthday message on a card is probably the most thoughtful yet simple gift you can give to someone. And thanks to the many e-commerce-sites, online bouquet delivery has now become easier than ever

Birthday  Flowers

Customized Photo frame

Allow your loved ones to take a trip down memory lane from your personalized photo frame. Insert a picture of the best memory between the two of you in your DIY photo frame. There are various ways to make a photo frame on your own. One of the easiest ways is to buy a plain photo frame and then add a few touches on it like a quote or sticking small decorative items on it.

DIY mug


It would be a perfect birthday gift ideas for your sibling or better-half. Let them think of you every time they use your DIY mug for drinking tea or coffee in the morning. Unleash your creative skill and start applying it on the mug. Buy a plain white mug, and with a marker, draw beautiful patterns or write inspirational quotes to motivate them for the day.

Aromatherapy bath salt

Whether it’s your mother, sister, or girlfriend, using the aromatherapy bath salt is an ideal way to de-stress from a busy and hectic day. Mix the necessary ingredients to make the gift and order flowers onlineto add its petals on the jar you have chosen to put the bath salt. Tie a string around the rim of the jar to make it look more impressive.

Travel shave kit

If your brother travels a lot, then a travel shave kit is on his must-have list. Buy all his favorite shaving products in travel-sized and put them on a pouch. It will save his time as well as storage space in the luggage. Moreover, it is more affordable than buying full-sized products and takes a lot less effort in making the gift.

Caffeine basket

It is the most valuable gift you can give to a caffeine lover. Gather a cute basket and put enough of their favorite brand’s coffee into it so that it lasts for a long time. Also, add a funky coffee mug to use before starting their day. And lastly, buy a flower bouquet online as a side gift with it.

Personalized notebook

If you love to craft, then apart from the person enjoying this customized gift, it will also be a fun project for you to make. Let your imagination go wild and make it as personalized as you can. One option would be to stick a picture of them and add their name or initials on the cover. However, you can also choose to print a design and paste it on the cover.

DIY mouse pad

Replace your friend’s old monotonous mouse pad with your DIY colorful one. It will only take a few minutes of your day to make this easy mouse pad. Get a vibrant looking design or pattern and wrap the paper around square-shaped cardboard, then use glue or tape to hold it all together.

‘Open when you…’  envelopes

It is the sweetest gift to give to your partner to express your love for them. Buy a couple of envelopes and write an “open when you..” sentences in each of them like “Open when you feel upset” or “Open when you miss me.” And insert a personalized message in these envelopes according to the sentences. Lastly, get online flower delivery in Delhi and tie them all up with a string while keeping the flower at the top of the envelopes.

Engraved jewelry

Give your spouse personalized jewelry like a necklace or bracelet as their birthday gift. Engrave the date of your marriage anniversary or their birthday into the jewelry to make it special for them. Also, attach a pendant of their name or initials to a necklace.

Birthdays are the most important days of one’s life and we, as their loved ones are our duty to make it as special as possible for them. Find the best birthday gift ideas here. All of these gifts are not only thoughtful but inexpensive and effortless as well.