We all know flowers are common to use for any occasion or event, Even we can decor our home completely with different flowers and can give a beautiful look to our home. So here you use your Flowers in pot or in mugs, Basket, Glass Jar to decor your home differently. Each of us wants our home to look nice smells good. However, getting it to smell good sometimes we use the air freshener So that our house can smell good enough. And also we use plastic flowers to detour home.

We all want a home where the corner of the house is decorated with beautiful flowers and give a fresh fragrance. Because we all are aware every part of the house and corner brings that positivity in the house and you can also notice every relative of yours and neighbors will appreciate you also. The flower gives that beautiful and decent shape to your house. And also it doesn’t take much time and its not even difficult to decor a house with flowers.


You can not get better items to decor your house. Flower suits every type of house like it will fit the shape of the house, you can cover the complete house with flower and even flowers are too affordable to decor with them completely. But yes, you should to decor the house with mixed flowers. Instead of trusting on other products, you can completely trust the flowers to make your house look like heaven with its greenery. You must have seen some of the occasion or an event where the flowers decoration were used and we are sure you must have loved that. The front gate of every marriage event is decoy flowers only because we all know flower can bring that smile on anyone’s face and that is what we all want the end of the day, A smile on the person’s face.

Flowers in mugs and pot.

By the way, Flower will look good at any place, but here you put the flower into the pot or in mugs, Along with fresh flower,  So here you use your Flowers in pot or in mugs to decor your home differently. We get some dry and unhealthy flower, So do not worry and you don’t need to throw them out of the house, You can one pot or mug, filled the half mug or pot with water and put the dry flower into a mug. Doing this you can save Flowers and also it will give you that decent look at inside the house. Put them in the corner. Even if you need a good fragrance from them than using some fragrance oil will give you a better response.

Traditional flower strings

We all must have seen that flower yoke Marigold lying in front of the gate of the house. It gives you that welcome feeling, any of relative or whosoever is coming to your house, will feel the respect you are giving to them. We all are used to with pooja decoration or any other occasion we celebrate in the house and most of the time we use marigold for decorative the home. You can get a rope easily and you can tie the marigold in that and once it is completed you can simply arrange them as let the gate size and shape. We are sure this will give a great look to your house and you will feel the energy also.

A basket of Flower

The flower basket will fill your house with flowers and fresh fragrance. You can get the basket easily, however, you can also use a big mug or any other thing which has a round shape and has a good size to keep a large number of flowers in it. You can fill the basket with different flowers and hang it out in the house where you are able to reach and give them light water on them to keep them fresh.

Flowers in Glass Jar

Flowers can make anything beautiful. So here you use your Flowers in Glass Jar to decor your home differently. Lots of the places we have visited and we have seen the flowers in Jar because it gives that extraordinary look to any place. You can use the orchids in a big jar and filled it with different color orchids.

Use the old glass bottles

We all are living in a recycling world, in these days we try to use our old stuff, So here you use your old glass bottles to decor your home differently. You can take out as many bottles as possible and wash them up and put the Luxury Tulip flower in each and every bottle and make them stand step by step and also to a more cool look you can color each bottle from outside. And that is how you can use your old glass bottles and you can save money too.

So these are some of the Ideas to decor your home with flowers. It is not a difficult task at all, but a task to make your house more beautiful and good. You have the option also for online flower delivery in Delhi.
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